Demo Tape

by Flesh Lite

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released February 3, 2013

Recorded by Sam Neal
Drums and Guitar on this recording by Sam.



all rights reserved


Flesh Lite Winnipeg, Manitoba

Vocals- Bret
Guitar- Jacob
Drums- Simon
Julien- Bass

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Track Name: Bed Bore
Night filled with languish, sex coveting near
I coax a performance from you tonight
only you can pretend to enjoy this act
I feel like shit even with you now
Timid and vulnerable, you do stand out
this is hardly pleasing but yet still make believe
tell you that I love you, but stay away from me
jaded on the bed want to conclude?
loathe the thought of you now
the challenge of you is all i hold dear

I'm a fucking bore, i've heard it before
Track Name: Phlegm
Feel dry from being hung up
Got a bad taste in my mouth
from lying with you all night
Sometimes I just need that taste

Don't feel much better about it, don't feel much worse
Got this ache in my chest
I wish you were somebody else

It's on the tip of my tongue
the taste of you is a bore
here only to quench your thirst
you're the wrong person

Come inside, the outside is a dread
cover you up keep you warm
cling to the blanket,
substitute for me
Track Name: Old Timer
There's a sad lost broken man,
fetal on the ground behind the murk
long tattered dress shirt tucked away with his love days
had a strain from lifting both eyes
keep the face buried, never going to gleam

This man and I, not too far off

Not too far off from falling over the edge
maybe there's a tranquil eden
behind the murk
Track Name: Fresh Baggage
You're so young and sweet
Newly placed looking so ordinary
fresh smile patiently waits
It is truly a privilege to find

come claim

I watch you soak into modern life
delicate heart swilling around
kindred stench lingers
sole purpose to overwhelm
found you lost puppy, have a bone
I have no self respect, i'll take you in